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16 oz. Shampoo Wash Deluxe Combo

16 oz. Shampoo Wash Deluxe Combo


16oz. Shampoo Wash Deluxe with (1) 460 GSM, One of our most absorbent and extremely soft drying towels. This super capillary microfiber will dry up and wick away water faster than you can move it across the surface. The waffle weave pattern helps to prevent streaks and water spots from ever forming. Size: 25" x 36" and (1) 470 GSM, These plush zero edge microfiber towels have a high soft pile on both sides. The zero edge design means you don't have to worry about any banding or edge stitches coming in contact with your paint. Fabulous for soaking up the water and feeling safe while doing it with this delicate finish towel. Size: 16" x 24"

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